Troubleshooting a bridge that cannot be found by the plugin

When a bridge is not found by the plugin, you should check a few things first:

  • Can you ping the bridge from the HS3 machine?
  • Make sure the bridge is not on a different subnet or VLAN from the HS3 server.
  • Is the plugin allowed access through the windows firewall, if the plugin is installed on windows? Easiest way to check this is temporarily disabling the windows firewall and restarting the plugin. If the plugin starts working now, make sure to enable the HSPI_JowiHue.exe file for access through the firewall. Normally this is asked with a windows popup at the first start of the plugin.
  • Is UNPNP allowed in your router? Most modern routers allow UPNP by default, but it is alway good to check.
  • For deCONZ gateways it is known that performing a gateway reset can help out to make it visible to the plugin
  • If all of the above are good, but the bridge is still not visible for the plugin then follow the next steps:

To do this you should let the plugin run and create an INI file in the <HS install directory>\config and name it JowiHue.ini. In this file add the following lines:

Ipaddress=<ip of bridge>

The plugin is scanning for new bridges every two minutes. When it starts scanning, it will also check this file. If present, it will check on the mentioned IP address if there is a bridge available. if it is, it will enable registering the bridge on the configuration page and clear the file again. If the plugin is restarted without registration, this step needs to be redone.