Groups are an important feature in the Zigbee environment. When you have defined groups Groups on the bridge and send a command to one fo the groups, all lamps in that group will respond with a far better synchronous effect then when sending the same signal to each light separately. Especially when you want to address a higher number of lights (>4). Using groups also enables you to separate control of different areas/zones/rooms. The only drawback on using groups is that the frequency of commands send is a bit slower.

With this plugin you can create/change and delete groups on the bridges. Each group you create is stored in the bridge and each bulb separately is made aware of its membership to a group, enabling fast responses to changes on group level. Because of making the lamps aware of its membership, it is needed to make sure lamps are reachable during the group setup. If lights are on standby, having power connections, they will still be reachable for the bridge.

All group maintenance is done on the Bridge Maintenance page and will show up per bridge, once bridges are registered.

The first group of a bridge is a group with the ID 0 (“All Lights” ). This is the group holding all lights known on a bridge and maintained by the bridge itself. You will not be able to change lights in this group or delete this group. For support of multiple bridges, you can only change the name of this group to be able to distinguish which “All lights” group belongs to which bridge.
Also Groups shown as “Luminaire” or “Lightsource” cannot be changed as these are groups to control lights that are build with combined led's. The name of these groups can be changed on the bridge with the plugin.

All other groups will have a button to edit the group and also hold a red cross in the right side of the window, enabling you to remove the group completely from the bridge. This will also delete the corresponding device in Homeseer.
On top of the groups table you will see a green “+”, enabling you to add new groups. After pressing this button an empty row will be created with the name of “NewGroup” and the button “Choose Lights for this Group” inside the lights area.
After pressing the button for choosing lights a selection box will popup where you can add lights:

In this window you can add or remove lights in the group. Lights in the right part area of the section box will be member of the group. After pressing Submit, the change will be performed on the bridge and reflected in the configuration page. Devices needed for this group will be created automatically. After this you can click on the name of the group and rename it to your likings. This name will also be set in the Bridge. You can also delete a light from a group by pressing the red cross on the light, which action will then be directly performed on the bridge. Some of the actions on groups take a few seconds to reflect as the bridge is also synchronizing the bulbs with changes.