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-Ishshds+Starting with version 1.1.2 light devices will change. The bright device will be removed and the on/off device will be enabled to dim/bright the light.  
 +The plugin does not start the conversion of devices by itself. This delay is created to give you the time to inventory the events first that you will have to change after the conversion. Events that have JowiHue actions will not need to be changed (unless they are using also the bridge device(s) in triggers, conditions or actions). You can choose to do a conversion per light or group(on the device properties - JowiHue tab), or all at once (on the configuration page) 
 +Once this version is installed, any new lights that are added before the conversion will be created with the new configuration settings. 
 +Once you have made the inventory and want to start the conversion, you can go to the configuration page en press the "​Convert All Dim Devices"​ button"​. Or you select the properties page of a specific light or group and go to the JowiHue tab en press the convert button.  
 +After the conversion, it is time for changing events and maybe updating your scripts that were addressing the bright devices directly. 
 +If a light has been updated, the convert button will not show on the device properties anymore. If all lights and groups have been converted, the button for conversion on the cconfiguration pages will also disappear.