Creativity page

You can reach the creativity page by choosing the plug-ins menu on the Homeseer webpage and expanding the JowiHue menu choice. On this page you will find three tabs: Presets, Scenes and Animation.


A preset is a light recipe for color setting that you can use in scenes and event actions. This enables you to create a definition of a color you like and then use this setting in any scene on any (colour) light.

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A scene is a setting for a group of lights which creates an ambiance to your liking. A scene can be a simple set of settings to selected lights or complex, with multiple settings combined on different lights, to achieve a ambiance effect that is functional to you.

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An animation is a group of scenes that will be changed one after another according to your configuration.
An animation involves two or more scenes. Animations can be ‘stretched’ in time through event actions, where the event trigger will start the animation. The animation will then end at a set time or dynamically at sunset/sunrise.
An animation can be used as an alert, where lights are reset to their original setting after ending the alert. Even an already started animation will continue to run after another animated alert ends, if configured for this.

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