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 ====== Dimmer Switch ====== ====== Dimmer Switch ======
-If the plugin finds a Philips dimmer switch connected to a bridge, ​an extra page will be enabled in the plugin “Dimmer Switches”. This page will enable you to: \\ +If the plugin finds a Philips dimmer switch connected to a bridge, ​two device ​will be created ​and grouped togetherOne device is showing ​the last know battery value, the other the last known button. \\
-  * Change the group to be used for the switch (not active yet) +
-  * Adjust dimming steps and transition time(not active yet) +
-  * Create a dimmer switch ​device, which you can use to trigger events when a button ​is pressed. +
- +
-On the Dimmer Switches page multiple dimmer switches can be displayed and configured. Once configured correctly, the dimmer switches will perform configured actions independent of the plugin or Homeseer. All actions are solely performed by the bridge. +
- +
-{{:​images:​dimmerswitch.png?​nolink|}} +
-=== Creating a dimmer switch device === +
-Next to each dimmer switch name a button ​is available to either create of delete a corresponding dimmer switch device. If the device is created, the plugin will refresh the device status according to the refresh rate setting in the configuration page. Based on this status you can trigger events in Homeseer to perform actions like switching other lights, like Z-Wave or other bridges.\\ +
-When you have enabled a dimmer switch device you will have an extra option in the configuration page of the plugin:+
-**//"​Show '​simple'​ dimmer switch values(on/​off/​dim) instead of extended status"//​** 
-With this option you can enforce limited values to be activated on the device, so you can have a easier control with events based on this device. 
-=== Changing settings === 
-You can select the group to address with the dimmer swtich and adjust the dim steps and transition time on this page. If you do not like the settings, you can use the button on this page to reset the dim steps and transition time to defaults. ​