Event Actions

In event actions, when creating a new event you can define actions to be performed by the jowiHue plugin. To find the possible action you have to select “Jowihue:JowiHue actions” in the list, which will bring you to the possible actions:

  • Set Lights
  • Set Scene
  • Start Animation
  • Stop Animation
  • Pause Polling

Set Lights

With this event action you can set the preset or random preset group, brightness, Hue, saturation, color temperature, xy value and Transition time to a light or a group. If you are using the RaspBee/ConBee gateway you also choose to set the pace for the colorloop. Depending on the selected type of lights the above options will hide or be visible.

Set Scene

With this event action you can set the scene to be activated for your lights. You can trigger this event and it will set the lamps to the scene you defined through the Creativity page. In the scene you already have preselected the lights that are used for the scene, so there is no need to select lights. Just set the conditions to trigger the event, or create a manual event that could be triggered from other events or through HSTouch buttons. The plugin will also let you select scenes defined on the bridge here.

Start Animation

With events you can start an animation when the event triggers. Depending the Animation Stretch option you see two options: If the animation is set to not stretching, you can simply select the animation and you’re done.

When the chosen animation has stretching option enabled you will see three radio buttons, enabling you to choose for Sunset, Sunrise or Set time. When Set time is chosen you can select the end time with a time picker.

Stop Animation

With the stop anaimation action you can select an animation that will stop the animaion of your choice. Other animations, if any active, will not be interupted.

Pause polling

The action Pause polling is used when other apps are taking a lot of resources of the Philips Hue Bridge. For instance, if you have a music app controlling the Hue lights, there will be a lot of commands send to the Hue bridge. Sometimes the polling frequency of the JowiHue plugin can get in the way of demanding apps causing the bridge to drop commands. In this case you can pause pollling from the plugin for a set period.
Lights and groups are still controllable - you can still switch lights on or off, or change colorsettings, but devices will not be refreshed with current state of lights.
If you want to resume polling within the selected time period, you need to restart the plugin.