March 2018

This is a major release adding many new options

  • Added support for several sensors of the following types: Alarm, Smoke, Fire, Water and Pressure. Also new button sensors and switches are added.
  • Changed the way sensors are recognised and corresponding devices are created. This will make it possible to add new complex devices without the need to update the plugin.
  • In the propterties/JowiHue tab a button is added for the parent devices to enable rebuilding the device values when needed.
  • Changed handling of the transition time. This now enables the lights connected to go on at the last status before they were switched off.
  • Added the ControlUse - color setting for Alexa.
  • Enabled use of ':' and ';' in names of scenes, lights and groups
  • Prepared the plugin for reporting Energy consumption for Heiman plugs and future plugs
  • Added the choice to start a random preset in the JowiHue actions and scripting
  • Added battery information to Xiaomi devices
  • Added basic support for power and powerconsumption for selected plugs. This is still work in progress

Many small bugs were caught in this release. A short overview of the major ones:

  • If a deCONZ gateway was moved in the network to a different IP address chances were high that devices for lights would double. Should be solved now
  • After new lights or sensors are added, it could happen the plugin would not update devices before a restart of the plugin was done. Now it should update sensors and lights immediatly.
  • Sometimes the plugin reported a damaged datatable, all the way back to the time the plugin became available. Finally, this bug should belong to the past from now on…
  • Starting a scene that was stored on the bridge (non JowiHue) could cause all lights not belonging to the scene to switch on at a brightness of 1. This is now solved.
  • Improved usage of the IKEA RGB bulb. You can now apply presets based on Hue and Sat values set, instead of x and y values only
  • Solved an Linux issue that prevented up and down buttons to work properly
  • Changed behaviour of the CT up and down buttons when Kelvin was set (it looked like up and down button were working opposite)
  • Several improvements on animations, one being only recovering the used lights for a animation.
  • Many other bugs that serve the stability of the plugin

September 2017

This is a completely new version where lots of major improvements have been made

  • Added support for RaspBee an ConBee gateways from Dresden electronics
  • The new gateways added WebSocket support, with realtime response to sensors
  • added support for several remotes and motion sensors
  • Lights and sensors can now be moved (one by one!) between bridges; the plugin will update the devices and clear the device from the old bridge. Events stay intact, groups will break though.
  • Improved layout of configuration page
  • removing lights from bridge is now available on the bridge maintenance page
  • Bridge group creation, editing and deletion is moved to the bridge maintenance page
  • colorloops can now vary in speed by using a RaspBee/Conbee gateway
  • Dim values can now be used a percentage (for alexa users)
  • Lightlevel values on motion sensors can now optionally be shown as Lux values
  • Scanning for new sensors to the bridge can now be started on the configuration page
  • Many small bug fixes

Juli 2017

This release is a maintenance release

  • Plugin has been updated to match with the latest Philips Hue API . No real functional changes, mainly internal fine tuning done by Philips
  • Plugin can still end in an abnormal end when HS3 is stopped. Some changes have been done to further prevent this. It should not cause issues, it was closing anyway.
  • Option to enable changing CT/Hue and Sat values while offline have been removed as it does not work correct anymore and Philips is still not supporting this.
  • For the lightstrip Plus the CT options were not correctly enabled. This has been corrected

June 2017

This version is solving several bugs:

  • Finaly found the issue with an ip address change of the bridge. I hope this is solved now. Please let me know if an IP change causes errors with bridges.
  • When no scene definitions are availble, the creativity page would not show the button for creating a new scene. This is now corrected.
  • When using the Alert button in a light or group while the lights are off, the light could stay on after the alert, this is changed so the light will return to off again
  • When adding JowiHue actions for lights or groups in an event, location information of the devices are now included. Also on the configuration page location information is shown for groups.
  • If a bridge was set to not update over the meethue site, the plugin should not check for updates, but it did nevertheless, resulting in errors in the log. The plugin wil no longer check when the portalservices are disabled.
  • Closing the plugin could result in an abnormal end of the plugin. This should not happen anymore
  • New light types have been added


Some users are using the ha bridge, an emulator for the Hue bridge used to emulate devices for the Amazon Alexa device. The plugin recognises the ha bridge as a Hue bridge (as is expected), but generates errors when trying to access it. The plugin will now check on usage of port 80 or not normal channels by the bridge. If either is true, it will asume it is not a normal Philips Hue bridge.


  • If animations were running too close after one another, resetting the old settings (the setting where animation started) could result in setting the starting value of the previous animation. Chances of this happening has been minimised.
  • When resetting suspected lights after a hard reset, an error could occur on duplicate records. This has been solved.
  • it was possible that a virtual sensor, created by the Philips Hue app, was recognised as a Philips Motion sensor. This is now corrected.
  • The battery device of a motion sensor was not updated correctly after the initial creation. this has been solved now.

this is a maintanance release adding some new configuration options


  • New light models added
  • Optionally enable “Can_Dim” for devices as workaround for bugzilla 1528. When enabled, sliders for HSTouch will no longer work, but dim commands for other apps like Imperihome or alexa will.
  • Optionally you can now choose to display the values of the Colour Temperature device in Kelvin instead of myred values. You can set this option in the configuation page
  • Bridge Maintenance page has been updated. Scenes will now show included lightbulb names for V2 scenesets. Also, informational, the list of resourcelinks is shown on this page.


If a sensor was removed from the bridge, the homeseer devices were not removed and throwing unwanted errors. This has beeen resoved by removing the corresponding devices if a sensor is no longer found on the bridge.

October 2016


  • Added support for the new Philips Motion sensor - devices can be created to reflect motion, ambiant lightlevel and temperature. Events can then be set to these devices. Check the documentation to see some possibilities.
  • When sensordevices are (optionally) created and the device is powered by a battery, a child device is also created holding the battery status. The option to generate a separate battery device is removed from the configuration page.
  • For sensors powered by battery a hourly warning is send to the log when battery level is below 25%. This is independant of the presence of a battery device.
  • New light models added to the plugin
  • Made bridge button persistent, so events to cancel all animations are easier to create.
  • When a light has the capabilities, a color temperature device will be added to its group of devices.
  • If response of the bridge slows down for some reason (streaming of a movie is can put a temporary load on the network for instance) the plugin will now temporary throttle the refreshrate to ease network traffic.
  • Philips changed the behaviour of the builtin daylight sensor of the bridge in the latest API. This is done to protect privacy in the future. Plugin is updated to follow this behaviour.
  • On the bridge maintanance page the available capabilities is added. This way you can check how much capacity on the bridge is left.
  • An option is added on the configuration page to prevent lights to switch to “on” when a Hue/Sat of CT value is changed


  • Rename device would skip renaming the CT device. Solved
  • If an unknown model light was added to the bridge, the plugin would not correctly recognise a color temperature light. This is now corrected.

August 2016
The proved to have major issues for users with a Zee and/or a RPI. Some minor issues were also found on other systems. Sorry for that!

With the help of several users (thanks!) I was able to catch the folowing issues:


  • A constraint error could occur when starting the plugin, this would prevent the plugin from initialising correctly. This has been solved
  • A constraint error could occur when the plugin was recording usage data. This would not prevent the plugin from running, but would flood the log with errors. This is resolved.
  • If an empty group existed on the Philips Hue bridge (which is possible by creating an empty room in the new Philips Hue app) the plugin could end up in a loop, preventing a correct initialisation of the plugin.
  • For some users on Linux systems the Presets are not created correctly. Because of that the creativy page would become unreachable. This is corrected now. For existing users the presets should be regenerated by the plugin.

August 2016

  • Removed the brightness devices. Brightness is now controlled with the on/off device as dim functions. Devices will need conversion, that can be initiate per light as well for all lights at the same time. Check the doucmentation for this.
  • Added a colour temperature device, for lights that are capable of using colour temperature
  • Group devices are now 'dynamic'. The devices created for a group are now representing the light with richest function in the group. e.g. if a group is only holding white lights it will only have the dimmable on/off device, if the group is holding the Hue color bulbs, it will also have the Hue, saturation and colour temperature devices.
  • Saving the usage data of a light is now moved to the database for JowiHue. When a device is deleted from HomeSeer the plugin will find the right usage data for a light if it is attached again.


  • There was an issue where a bridge could become unregistered after a restart of HomeSeer. Changes are made to prevent this from happening. If you are upgrading from a situation where the bridge is unregistered, please delete the bridge device (only!) and restart and reregister using the new plugin.
  • In linux some users experienced issues with the presets. This is solved now.
  • When creating an event and using light settings as JowiHue action, you could not set the delay for the event. this is now corrected.
  • Resolved an issue with the recovery setting of a light
  • An issue with Philips Beyond lights was solved that could occur when a bridge would get a new IP address.
  • Several other small issues resolved

April 2016

  • With the release  the ability to add new groups was broken. this has been corrected.
  • Renaming an animation was not possible in the release. This has been corrected.
  • Using a 'set time' for an event controlling a stretched animation was throwing an error on US based systems. 
  • There was an issue when trying to address multiple dimmers on the dimmer page. This has been resolved.
  • If a light or group was removed externally from the plugin without removing the HS3 devices, the plugin would send a log warning every few seconds to remove the devices. This has now been set to a reminder once per hour.
  • if light or group devices were removed from HS3 the plugin could miss it until the next restart. This has been corrected.

April 2016


  • Added Preset functionality in the creativity page. Presets are hue light settings, that can be applied to any hue light.
    • Enabled using presets in Scenes
    • Enabled addressing presets in event actions
  • Redesigned the configuration page, making it easier to understand what options will do
    • Enabled a button in configuration page to generate a basic demo set of presets, scenes and animations
    • logging options added, so you can create a detailed logging without the need of a replacement plugin.
    • Added an option in the configuration page to enable creating battery devices for battery operated sensors 
  • Expanded the bridge update device functionality. If used, it will now  report if a new update will affect the bridge, lights and/or sensors. This devicestring can also be used by events triggering on changes.
  • Group devices will be updated with the status of lights in the group


  • Moving a V1 bridge to a V2 bridge is still causing issues for some users. From now on, if a bridge is succesfully moved, all references to the old bridge will be removed after the move. In fact, it was not needed to keep this information. If the old bridge is redeployed, new registration is needed. I am hoping this will resolve the isssues with moving bridges. 
  • Solved a problem with the colorpicker. Using the colorpicker could show a large differences with the expected outcome. Now the Philips Hue correction is applied directly to the values used. The colorpicker is actually showing the (almost) correct color that will apply to the lights in presets
  • Rules and Sensors known to the plugin could differ from the bridge in specific situations, resulting in possible issues  when updating  Taps. This is now resolved..
  • Solved an issue where not all needed sensors were created during Tap configuration for JowiHue settings
  • Solved an issue in animation when using sunset as endtime for a animatio

March 2016

  • Added Bridge maintenance page where you can check on users (whitelist) om the bridge and also check on Bridgescenes. Where possible you can delete (though with caution!) entries that are no longer needed.


  • There was a major issue that occurs when a bridge changes IP address (e.g. got a new DHCP address). In the previeous version the plugin reponds by creating errounous extra devices and generating errors. The current version will again recognise the IP change like before and correctly connect the original lights.
  • As a result of the above, it became clear that JowiHue actions would cause issues when a deleted device was addressed in an event and restart. Now the plugin will instead log a report when this happens and skip the event.
  • Miscelanious small improvements

Februari 2016

solved bugs

  • Solved an issue after a bridge would have been reset. Improved recognition of the reset situation.
  • Prevented the plugin to complain when other plugins are adding info to the JowiHue devices
  • When using the huelabs from Philips, some configurations of huelabs could make the plugin throw errors. Many possible errors caused by Huelabs are now caught and prevented. That is no guarantee for the future, a lab environment is made to experiment, so it is always possible the plugin will be surprised again
  • Added support for the 'off' command for the lightify GU10 lights, which do not reposond as expected to an off with transition values.

Januari 2016

  • Added the option to eiter show or hide the detail light devices for multisource luminaires like the Philips Hue Beyond. Often group control can be sufficient compared to having 4 extra light devices. The groups of luminaires are updated synchronously with the first light in the group from now on.

solved bugs

  • In the last update creating new groups in the configuration page was crippled. Sorry for that! Is solved now
  • Using taps on multiple bridges was having several issues. These are solved now.
  • Using the image file for ZLL devises did not work on Linux because of the use of a space in the filename, has been changed for new devices. If you had these devices on Linux already, you have to change it in the device properties.

Release 1.0.7
December 2015
This release is a major change. Most important is that in this version the polling of the bridges has been completely redesigned. As a result less burdon is placed on the bridges and the plugin overall will be a bit snappier, especially when using multiple bridges.


  1. added support for the latest API versions (currently API 1.11) The changes to scenes and groups have only partly been implemented.
  2. Added support for the Philips Dimmer Switch
  3. when moving lights with the Philips Hue to the V2 bridge, the plugin can recognise this and internallly move the devices as well. (but read the guide for this!)
  4. reviving lights and scenes after a reset on a bridge
  5. added support for new models of lights and bridge
  6. better use of the gamut (color) correction needed for the different types of lights
  7. it is now possible to force the plugin to check an IP for presence of a bridge. If it is present, it will enable registration of the bridge.
  8. Added a link to documentation in the help section of HomeSeer


  1. Corrected an issue where the refreshrate would not be correctly saved

October 2015

  • Added ‘dimming’ buttons to the devices for Bright, Hue and Saturation. You can now use these in events to change the brightness, color or saturation in a smooth way. The amount of ‘dimming’ can be set on the configuration pages and will be set for all brightness, Hue or saturation devices.
  • Added new scriptcommands for ‘dimming’ of brightness, Hue and/or Saturation: IncreaseLights and DecreaseLights.


  • Unreachable status was not discovered reliably. This is corrected.
  • There was an issue caused when deregistering a bridge through the plugin while the bridge was unreachable. This is corrected, when a bridge is unreachable, deregistering is disabled.
  • A scripting issue occurred when sending a parameter value of Nothing. This would cause lights to change color when not wanted. This is resolved.
  • The infinite loop in an animation was no longer working, this has been corrected.
  • Copying a scene in the creativity page and changing would cause the original scene to be changed as well. This is corrected, changing will only effect the scene being edited.

August 2015

  • New types of lights (Go and Phoenix) are added to the plugin
  • Updated bridge methods for future updates by Philips
  • Added Event action for suspending polling for a period of time
  • Added support for Nordic characters æ, ø, and å
  • Corrected event collapsing after completing action info

June 2015

  • Renaming a light or group device can now be done directly on the properties page of a device, there is no need to go to the JowiHue tab anymore. The name of a light or group will also be reflected on the bridge.
  • Event actions have been regrouped to keep the main action list clear. *Warning* this change makes it important to have a backup of the HS3 database. If you need to go back to the previous version of the plugin, you need to restore the HS3 database as well.
  • When selecting a scene in an event action, you can now also select scenes located on the Philips Hue Bridge.
  • In the event actions you can now also set the CT or xy values for the Hue lights.
  • Optionally you can add a device that will reflect whether a bridge update is available. Based on the status of this device you can trigger events to remind you to perform the update of the Bridge.
  • Bugs
  • Known bug: In Linux there is a memory leak that can occupy all available memory after a period of time. I am twisting my head over this at the moment to solve it. Until then be sure to restart the plugin from time to time!
  • In certain configurations the CPU usage of the plugin could rise to high level on smaller machines. The internal routines have been made more efficient to prevent this situation.
  • There was an error with the scripting interface when setting a light. If it was off, it would not turn it on, resulting in an error. This is solved now for all scripting statements.
  • Minor bugs solved

April 2015

  • Enabling Hue Tap configuration through the plugin
  • Creation of Hue Tap devices in Homeseer, so you can control other devices as well with the Hue Tap


  • The plugin could report a bridge unregistered when there was a period of congestion in the network. This has been solved.
  • A bridge request could result in an error in the log, reporting a light returned a unsuspected result. Catching this result and retrying has been improved.
  • Several minor bugs have been solved.

March, 2015

  • Confirmed support for Philips Hue Beyond
  • Changed behavior of the on/off Group device. If brightness, saturation or hue of a group device is set, the on/off device will switch to on also. This will help better control in HSTouch. Please be aware that setting a single light will not set the group devices.
  • A first step was made in getting the sensors and rules from the bridge. This is for future development.


  • If a bridge is reset by user action, the sequence of lights would change, causing the plugin to generate errors an control different lights. This has been corrected, the plugin should now reconnect lights in the new sequence.
  • When using a scene with only white lights in it, the details of a scene would not show correctly. This is correct now.
  • Changed the method how reachability of a bridge is determined. It should be faster now and more reliable.
  • The setting for “recover last know setting” when powering off bulbs was not correctly read back from the light devices. That could cause the setting to become inactive after a restart of the plugin. This is now corrected.

February 9, 2015

  • Unordered List ItemBugrelease; in the last release newly added lights would miss their buttons (On/Alert/Colourloop) and only show an off button. If you had new added devices (or deleted them to redefine), please remove them again after installing this update.

February 16, 2015

  • Unordered List ItemAdded the possibility to switch selected lights off in a scene


  • Solved an issue with snapshots missing completion when including a white light.
  • Included missing icons for the GE link light bulbs

February 9, 2015

  • Bugrelease; in the last release newly added lights would miss their buttons (On/Alert/Colourloop) and only show an off button. If you had new added devices (or deleted them to redefine), please remove them again after installing this update.

February 2, 2015

  • Updated the plugin to support the latest API from Philips.
  • When the bridge is on recent level, it is now possible to perform the firmware update of the bridges through the plugin, like was done before by the Philips Hue app.
  • As it appears, the FLS-PP lp wireless ballasts can be controlled with a Philips Hue bridge. Using Colourloop is causing the ballast to not accept subsequent color commands. To prevent it, the device created will no longer support colourloop anymore.


  • In the last version it became possible that by sending a double off signal, a light would turn on again. This has been resolved.
  • Using any ‘special’ character like ‘-‘ or ‘(‘ etc. on the scenes page could cause the scene details not showing correctly.
  • It was not possible to address the groups on/off device and use ‘toggle device’ in HSTouch. Apparently HSTouch is depending on the text on/off, where the group device was using ‘Group on/off’. In this version group status is changed back to ‘on/off

Januari 19, 2015

  • Added the possibility to recover the last known setting of a light, once the light becomes reachable again (e.g. after switching it off with a light switch and switching it back on)


  • Removed some small coding issues

Januari 2015

  • Added use of multiple bridges in the plugin
  • Removed dependencies of meethue site for finding bridges in the local network, instead an internal scan has been added. Because of this functionality you will have to allow the plugin to do this, if the local firewall on windows is active.
  • Released the plugin for use on Linux (HS3 or higher needed)
  • Added possibility to take a light from another bridge (also known as Lampstealer). Please read the warning in the documentation of the plugin for this!
  • Changed the web interface for configuring groups, to match the look and feel of handling scenes and animations
  • The plugin creates a backup of the JowiHue database when the plugin starts, it will keep 10 versions available.


  • Removed lagging in scenes and animations. Response of lights became a LOT faster!
  • Corrected renaming lights and animations – now existing actions in events will be corrected with the new name
  • Caught an issue where the plugin could stop at random moments.
  • If a light would become unreachable for a period of time and return to reachable, devices were not updated correctly. This has been corrected.
  • Prevented usage of % signs in the name of scenes or animations
  • Plugin will now use the correct IP after IP of the bridge changes due to DHCP settings
  • The JowiHue tab was shown when creating new devices. This has been removed

<earlier version reports removed>