Once the bridge is connected correctly all lights from the bridge will be imported by the plugin and Homeseer devices will be created, matching the possibilities of the Philips lights.

When you add a new light or group to the bridge, the new light device or group device should be visible after a maximum period of 30 minutes as the plugin will check its configuration with the bridge once every 30 minutes. Restarting the plugin will immediately refresh the bridge configuration and build the new devices needed.

Each light is represented as a group of (maximum 4) devices in Homeseer. This enables control dim/on or off, and, if the light is able to show colors: Hue, Saturation, colour temperature, Alert and Color loop values. If you are using HS or higher, you can also select the color here with a color picker.
On the devices for you can set their respective values with a slider. You will also see an “Up” and “Down” button, which will change the devices value with a predefined steps as defined in the configuration page.

The parent device holds the on/off values and the buttons to start alert or color loops. Names of lamps and groups are derived from the bridge. Renaming a light can easily be done through the properties of the main device.
Changing the name will also reflect on the bridge (and in all apps accessing the bridge) as the plugin treats the bridge as the owner of the name of devices.
On the JowiHue tab of a light you will be able to see the lifetime expectation of the connected light. You are able to fill in the purchase date and the number of hours you have been using the light before this plugin was enabled. Based on the purchase date and the average usage per day the plugin will show an estimated end date.
Also you can configure to recover the last known settings after powering off (by using a switch for example) a lightbulb on this tab. It will take a bit before the plugin discovers a light being reachable again, so at first the light will start with the default settings and after a few seconds the light will be reset, if this option has been set.

The plugin will refresh all values automatically. You can set the refresh frequency on the configuration page. The optimal refresh rate will depend on the speed of your network and the number of lights you are using. If refresh rate is set too high, you might see the root device status regularly change to “unreachable” while seeing the bulb itself still responding to other signals. Changing the values through the deviceutility page, events or scripting will also send an automatic ‘on’ to the root device if it is off.