Bridge Maintenance

On the bridge maintenance page you can do the following tasks:

  • Check used devices on a bridge
  • View lightinformation and eventually delete a light from the bridge (and corresponding devices)
  • View, create, edit and remove groups from the bridge (and corrsponding devices)
  • View and remove bridgeusers (apps)
  • View and remove bridgescenes if they are not in use

Any actions done on this page are in effect immediately.

Each of the sliders give you access to the view and - if possible - edit or removal buttons. The functions are simple and should be easy to use. For editing the groups there is a special Groups page that will help you on the way.

When you want to edit the sensors, the bridge maintenance page is where you can do this. But do take care, you need to do some consideration on the right choices to make.

If you open the sensor part of the bridge mainenance page, you will see a list of sensors on the selected bridge tab.

When you select the button for the sensor removal options you will be presented with several choices:

  1. Remove devices belonging to a sensor
  2. Remove the sensor from the bridge
  3. Remove the sensor from the bridge AND remove the devices belonging to the sensor

* based on the situation there might be other options offered, like removing a double device if found

The choice you make here will influence the response of the plugin. If you choose to remove the devices, the plugin will do so and create them within 5 minutes again. Normally you would not need this choice, but you will be sure the device is recreated according to the latest abilities of the plugin. Just know the button “Rebuilt device values” might do the same, untess the type of device is wrong.

If you choose to remove the sensor for the bridge, you can then start a new scan on the bridge and the device will be re-added fresh to the bridge and as such to the plugin. Existing devices will stay during this proces, so you do not need to alter events referencing the devices. The plugin might warn you about orphaned devices, which you can ignore until the sensor is re-added.

If you choose to remove both devices and sensor, make sure the sensor is reset and you have removed the battery (or make sure the sensor is out of reach) before choosing this option. this will remove all of the sensor. with re-adding the sensor, new devices will be created in HomeSeer. Events pointing to the old devices will have to be adjusted or removed.