Motion sensors

The plugin supports several motion sensors. Probably every motion sensor would be recognised correctly by the plugin. You can start a scan for new sensors on the configuration page of the plugin. Once pressed, you need to reset the motion sensor to be be recognised by the bridge or gateway. A motion sensor can come preconfigured for a set of lights. In that case first follow the brands usage guides for a complete reset of the sensor before trying to connect it to the bridge or gateway. when using a motion sensor on the Philips bridge, respons is slower compared to having the motion sensor on a RaspBee/ConBee gateway. This is because the Philips Hue bridge need to be polled before the plugin can see the change, where te gateways forward the change imediately.

The motion sensors that have been proven to work correctly are

  • Philips motion sensor
  • Ikea motion sensor

Motion sensors are created by the plugin by creating a motion device and a battery device. An exception is the Philips motion sensor, which is expanded in the next paragraph

A Philips Motion Sensor creates several sensors on the bridge: a Presence (motion) sensor, a Lightlevel sensor and a temperature sensor. It also reports its battery level on the bridge. When you enable the device to be created by the plugin, it will create a grouped set of devices per motion sensor:

With the devices created, you can add events that trigger on the device changes.

Motion sensor configuration

When you select the created parent device for the motion sensor you can do some configuration on the properties/JowiHue tab.

Here you can choose to disable the sensor, which will prevent the sensor from being updated. Also you can enable or disable the ledindicator. The ledindicator will blink every time movement is detected when enabled. By default this is disabled. You can also set the motion sensitivity to Low/Middle or High. This will configure the sensors sensitivity to motion.