Other sensors

Especially for the deCONZ gateways there are many other sensors available and new ones are added regulary.
The plugin is prepared to add even unknown sensors and will try to make the possible statusses available to Homeseer devices so events cn trigger when needed. A list of now known sensortypes:

Presence sensors Fire sensors Smoke sensors Gas sensors Water sensors Temperature sensors Humidity sensors Pressure sensors

Button sensors (remote controls and switches)

These come from different brands, like Philips, Ikea, Xiaomi, Heiman and others are still being added.

Sensors that have a on/off or true/false setting, like a presence detector, or a fire alarm should work without issue on the plugin.

When a sensor has the possibility to send different values, like a switch (on/off/hold/release/double clicks etc) the plugin will set a large range on the device to catch the values if the sensor is not yet known by the plugin. That way you can still use events with the plugin. Once you know which values are set by the sensor, post the found values on the Homeseer forum, so the plugin author can update these values for other users? In a next update those values can be incorporated by the plugin.

If you expect that the value range of a sensor is updated by the plugin, the device will not be updated by itself. You have to go to the properties of the device and press the “Rebuild device values” button on the JowiHue tab to get the current known values of the plugin. If the device is newly created, the known values will be used.