Presets are light recipes that you can create to use in Scenes or Events. You can create a recipe based on Hue and saturation, colour temperature or cie Colorspace (xy) values. This recipe may then be applied to any (number of) colour light. All, edits done in presets are immediatly saved in the database.

When activating the creativity page the preset tab will be presented at start.

Light selection

The first part of the page is a list of available color lights for the plugin. You can select any number of lights here to be able to test the preset recipe. If you also want to use the button “Create demo set” at this point, make sure you select the lights in the same sequence you want to run the animations later.
e.g. in my configuration in the image, I would first select “TV links”, then “TV Rechts”, Then “Hue Wim” and lastly “Hue Joy” to have the 4 steps of the Demo roll step as in circle in my living room.

Create demo set

Creating the demo set will refresh the default presets and and (re)create the demo set of scenes and aimations, based on the selected lights. You can use this button as often as you like as it will only redefine the used lights in scenes and animations. When creating the demo a selection of minimal 4 lights is advised. You can use less, but the demo animation will be a bit limited then. Once created, you can play with the setting of the animation and see what happens. If you need to reset the values, just press the “Create the demo set” button again. If you did not rename the animation, it will be recreated and set to original values again. If you did rename it, the original one will be recreated.


In the bottom line of this table, you can select one light to take a snapshot from if needed. This light you select should be the light having the colour setting you like to copy.

You can group presets for a easier overview of all the presets. Because the amount of presets can become high it is good to think of the method of naming groups as the same name will also be presented in events and scenes.

Based on your choices for active color configuration (hue/saturation vs Whites vs Cie color space) you are presented fields to fill in. In some cases also a colorpicker is shown, so you can directly seek for the color you want to use.